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Wave Wifi

Wave Wifi Mbr500 Router

Wave Wifi Mbr500 Router

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Wave WiFi MBR500 Router

Model: MBR500

The MBR 500 has an internal access point and is a Multi-Source Failover Router. This means that it can manage multiple sources at a time as well as produce the wireless signal to distribute the data to wireless devices. Our MBR 500 will give you the ability to manage these sources from one easy to access browser based page.

From this page you can manage any additional Wave WiFi devices such as access points and receivers, as well as third party satellite, or cell devices. With our MBR 550 you will enjoy the ability to travel with cell functionality built in. The 550 comes with a SIM slot for SIM activated Cell Data, and has all the other great features of the MBR 500.

These models are also capable of supporting ‘Guest Networks’. This means that any devices connected to the Guest Network will not have access to the MBR 500 or 550’s manage page. They will only be able to use the data provided by the MBR router and not be able to manipulate it.

Wireless Type Internal Access Point
Ethernet Speed 10/100 Mbits
Internal Access Point (AP 2.4GHz Broadcast (802.11 n)
Power DC Power 12v - 1a
Antenna Connectors (2) SMA Male [AP]

What's in the Box:
  • (2) Access Point antennas (2.4GHz)
  • (1) 12VDC Power Adapter
  • (1) Quick Start / Configuration Guide
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