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Waterproof 12V 35amp (Designed For Run and Gun Systems)

Waterproof 12V 35amp (Designed For Run and Gun Systems)

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Our new 12V 35A Waterproof 4-Stage Smart Charger is designed to work with our PowerHouse 24V and 36V Run & Gun chargers alone or with dual run and gun charger setups. (not needed for 12V and 16V chargers only). Special programming ensures a full charge to all batteries with just one A/C cord to plug in.

Will turn on Run & Gun chargers even with a fully charged cranking battery! Can be mounted in boat or by adding battery end clamps can be used as a portable charger.

  • This one model is programmable. Will do lead-acid, agm and lithium batteries. 
  • Not needed for our 12V and 16V Run & Gun chargers take are single setups.
  • Waterproof
  • 11.9" in length x 3.8" tall x 9.6" wide
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