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Sitex T941a 8.4"" Color Radar With 4kw 25"" Dome

Sitex T941a 8.4"" Color Radar With 4kw 25"" Dome

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Si-tex T941A 4kW 36nm Radar with 25"" Dome

Model: T941A
  • True-color radar feature displays echoes in different color depending on signal strength.
  • Real-time presentation offers smooth movement as bearing changes
  • The T-941 has two-speed antenna rotation for tracking of quick moving, close-in targets: 48 RPM and 24 RPM (requires 24V DC input)
  • Selectable range scales from 1/16 NM
  • Warning Zone alerts you to ""incoming"" and ""departing"" targets breaking your preset guard zone.
  • Automatic hands-off tuning maintains maximum sensitivity at all times witn manual override for the experiened use.
  • RGB output for connecting two optional external monitors.
  • Easy access to all system functions with simply arranged keypad, programmable function keys, comprehensive menus and dedicated rotary knobs for instant control of Gain and STC.
  • Built-in flush mounting system makes installation easy.
  • All this advanced radar technology is housed in a sleek, waterproof (IPX5 rating) case design that can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Dual Range Radar function lets you view split-screen displays of both long and short-range targets simultaneously. Monitor a nearby buoy and a far off island at the same time.
  • True Trail function clearly identifies moving targets from stationary targets. The display shows exact movement of other vessels like drawing tails, while land and buoys are shown as stationary objects even while your vessel is moving.
  • Accepts CCD camera input, to display split-screen Radar and Camera. Allows you to monitor important areas of your vessel while shill keeping watch of your surroundings.
  • Optional ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) allows you to tracks up to 50 user designated targets. Designate the target and the radar will automatically provide the target distance, speed, bearing, course and closest point of approach on all user targets selected.
  • Optional AIS interface, displays information on up to 100 AIS targets including the vessel's MMSI number, name, course, and speed of each vessel with an AIS transmitter. This information is sent continuously and is useful in navigating, traffic monitoring and collision prevention.

SI-TEX's T-900 Series Radars feature new sophisticated Hyper-Digital Processing™ (HDP) Technology for real-time presentation and superior target discrimination. It virtually eliminates unwanted noise to provide a clearer detailed image of targets and enhances the detection of smaller targets.

Brilliant 8.4"" color LCD daylight viewable display with 480 x 640 pixel resolution and anti-reflective glare coating for outstanding viewing.

Peak Power Output 4kw
Output Frequency 9410 +/- 30MHz
Horizontal Beam width
Vertical Beam Width 25°
Rotation 24 or 48rpm ( 48rpm requires 24v)
Pulse width .08, 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 1usec
IF Frequency 60 MHz
Range accuracy better than 8m
Minimum detecting distance Within 25m
Display Unit
Display type 8.4"" TFT Color LCD 480 x 640
Off centering Max 66%
Display modes Heads up, North up*, Course up*, WPT up** and True Motion*
Dimension H x W x D 9.5in x 9.5in x 4.4in

What's in the Box:
  • MRD-103 Display Unit
  • Display Cover
  • 10m Signal Cable
  • Power Cable
  • CCD Camera Cable
  • RB805"" 4kw Dome
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