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Sitex T2041a 10.4"" Color Radar With 4kw 25"" Dome

Sitex T2041a 10.4"" Color Radar With 4kw 25"" Dome

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Si-Tex T2041A 10.4"" Display 4kW 24"" Radome

Model: T2041A
  • Dual-Speed antenna with 48-rpm capability for high speed/river operations
  • Split-screen display of long- and short-range targets simultaneously
  • True-Trail Function identifies moving targets
  • Features include Interference Rejection, Target Expansion, Parallel Index, True/Relative Bearing
  • Standard AIS Interface module capable of tracking 200 targets*****
  • Optional 50-target Automatic Tracking Aid (ATA).
Scanner 24"" Radome
Peak Power Output 4kW
Output Frequency 9410 +/- 30MHz
Beam Width 3.9° Horzontal, 25° Vertical
Rotation 24 or 48 RPM
Pulse width .08, 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 1 usec
IF Frequency 60MHz
Range Accuracy Better than 8m or 1% of range scale selected, whichever is greaer
Minimum Detecting Distance 25m
Display Unit
Size/Type 10.4"" TFT Color LCD
Resolution 480 x 640
Display modes Heads up, North up*, Course Up*, WPT up**
Dimensions 12 19/32"" x12 19/32"" x 5 39/64""
Power 10.8 - 31.2vDC
Power Consumption 80 watts or less
*Requires heading, speed, and/or position signal input from external equipment including GPS Compass depending on application of user.
**Requires waypoint data input.

What's in the Box:
  • MRD-104 Display
  • RB715A- 24"" Radome
  • 242J159098A ?10M Cable
  • DC Power Cable
  • Quick Reference guide
  • Operation manual
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