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Simrad Steer-by-wire Kit For Yamaha Helm Master

Simrad Steer-by-wire Kit For Yamaha Helm Master

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Simrad Steer-by-wire Autopilot Pack for Yamaha Helm Master

Model: 000-15805-001
  • Helm Master is the Electronic steering and control system for Yamaha outboards.
  • Outboards can be controlled independently allowing the boat to rotate on the spot or dock sideway
  • Easy installation
  • Easy setup and commissioning
  • Dedicated AP display and integration with Simrad MFD*
  • Continuum steering — cutting edge algorithm based on years of experience
  • SteadySteer feature included
  • Note: Simrad MFDs need software version 20.2 or newer to enable NAC-D support.

What's in the Box:
  • NAC-D Autopilot Computer
  • TR-120-KIT - Set of 1 male and 1 female NMEA 2000® terminators
  • Autopilot Gateway for Yamaha
  • Precision-9 Compass
  • N2K-PWR-RD - NMEA 2000® power cable and T-Connector
  • N2K-T-RD Micro-C T-Connector
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