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Simrad Pole Mount Bracket For Hs75

Simrad Pole Mount Bracket For Hs75

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Simrad Pole Mount Kit for HS75

Model: 000-15686-001
  • Screw the jam nut onto the 1-inch pole, then screw the pole mount bracket onto the pole. Do not tighten the pole mount to more than 5.4 Nm (4 lbs-ft).
  • Feed the cable either through the hollow pole or through the opening in the pole mount bracket.
  • Connect the NMEA 2000 drop cable to the HS75, then secure the pole mount bracket to the HS75 using the supplied mounting hardware. Tighten to a torque of 11 - 13 Nm (8 - 10 lbs-ft). The maximum thread depth engagement must be no more than 12 mm (0.50").
  • Verify the orientation of the HS75, then tighten the jam nut to the bottom of the pole mount

Pole Mount Bracket for HS75 - Standard 1'' 14TPI threads.

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