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Simrad Nac-d Autopilot Computer

Simrad Nac-d Autopilot Computer

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Simrad NAC-D Autopilot Computer

Model: 000-15621-001
  • SeaStar Solutions®, Volvo®, Yanmar® and Yamaha® approved control system interface
  • Control via AP™ 44, AP 48 or easily integrate with your Simrad® multifunction display
  • No need for an additional hydraulic pump, rudder sensor, or dockside calibration
  • SteadySteer™ feature included
  • Steer to a waypoint, heading or set turn pattern, such as a U turn, Spiral turn and many more — the NAC™ -D can even initiate a zigzag turn
  • CAN-bus data connectivity - connection to Optimus® steering systems via the CAN-bus data network
  • Full system integration with Simrad® navigation systems via NSS™ and NSO™ multifunction display ranges

NAC™ -D is a steer-by-wire autopilot solution for Electronic Vessel Control Systems (steering systems with a digital interface).

With NAC -D, boaters with SeaStar® Optimus®, Yanmar® VC10/JC10, Volvo® IPS/EVC or Yamaha® helm master/single engine control systems can benefit from all the full features and performance of Simrad® autopilots.

Requires only the connection of two Micro-C connectors — there is no requirement for an additional hydraulic pump, rudder sensor installation or dockside rudder calibration. This saves boaters’ time and money.

Featuring Continuum® steering and support for the new SteadySteer™, the NAC -D allows automatic switching between two speed profiles delivering optimal steering performance at both low and high speeds.

Choose the controller to suit your preference from dedicated controllers like the AP™ 44 or AP 48, or simply integrate with your Simrad® multifunction display.

Simrad® autopilot systems incorporate state-of-the-art electronics and represent over 70 years of experience and development. Simrad® autopilots can reduce your workload and fatigue and improve your situational awareness and safety, helping you arrive fresher at your destination.

Compass sensor support NMEA 2000
Drive output EVC
Engine Drive systems integration Volvo EVC, Yamaha, Yanmar, Optimus
Manouevres / Turn Patterns C-turn, U-turn, Zigzag turn, Square turn, S-turn, Depth counter tracking (DCT)
NMEA 2000 2 x NME2000 Micro-C port, 2 LEN
Power Consumption, max. 40mA
Power Consumption, typical 40mA
Supply Voltage 9-16V via CAN
Operating Temperature Range 0C to +55C (+32F to +131F)
Storage Temperature Range -30C to +70C (-22F to +131F)
Waterproof rating IP44
Compass Safe Distance - Metric, imperial 0,5m (19,7"")
Dimensions (W x H x D) 86,5 x 20,0 x 11,5mm (3,4 x 0,8 x 0,45"")
Mounting Type Inline with cable

What's in the Box:
  • NAC-D
  • Micro-C T-Connector
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