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Promariner Protournament 240 24 Amp Battery Charger 12/24/36v 3 Bank 120v Input

Promariner Protournament 240 24 Amp Battery Charger 12/24/36v 3 Bank 120v Input

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ProMariner ProTournament Elite Series 3 240 3 Bank

Model: 53243
  • IP 67 Sealed Waterproof Design
  • Line of Sight, Charge Status AC Glow Plug
  • 4 Digitally Selectable Charge Profiles
  • Dual Mode Battery Status Monitor
  • Distributed-On-Demand Technology™

The new ProTournamentelite provides a competitive edge getting you on the water first with power to last. Using advanced thermal modeling, its tri-surface aluminum heat sink delivers true-rated constant current charging amperage for the fastest charge times.

ProTournamentelite boasts an industry first LED Charge Status AC Glow Plug, that when connected to an extension cord outside of your boat, illuminates 3 individual colors for charging, conditioning or auto maintaining your fully charged batteries. High Power ProTournamentelite 360 and 500 models feature an industry leading selectable Turbo Charge Mode with Forced Induction Power Flow Cooling for time critical charging.

Full output 5-stage digital performance charging to charge, condition, auto maintain and storage recondition your batteries once a month, maximizing battery life and performance. 100% charging performance with AC voltage as low as 90 VAC. System Check OK and Check Battery indicators, Charge Mode LEDs and a dual mode battery status monitor displaying charge progress or on the water power remaining. User selectable charging profiles for Flooded, AGM and ProMariner approved LiFePO4 chemistries.

Designed to last in harsh environments and certified to UL Marine 1236 while meeting new energy efficient CEC and DOE requirements. Built-in safety features including dual inline waterproof fuses, reverse polarity, over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and ignition protection.

DC System Voltage 12/24/36v DC
Amps ourtput 24
AC & DC Cables 6'
VAC Max Amps 120VAC +/- 10% VAC/7.5A
AC Plug NEMA 5-15
Banks 3
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