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Powerhouse Lithium 12V 105 AH Cranking Battery with Emergency Start

Powerhouse Lithium 12V 105 AH Cranking Battery with Emergency Start

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First in the industry emergency jump start button! If your cranking battery ever dies on the water, simply press and hold the emergency jump start button that is easily accessible on the top of the battery for 3 seconds to activate the battery reserve! Never be stuck on the water again with a dead battery!

Industry leading Smart Battery Technology - Blue Tooth enabled will constantly monitor your battery and make changes to give you optimal performance all day. Keep up with this from the convenience of your phone. 

BMS equipped with all voltage protections, and temperature protections. 

The 12V 105AH cranking battery was engineered to keep you out on the water longer and ensure you still have enough juice to fire your boat up to get home!

Meets and exceeds Mercury requirements for lithium cranking batteries. 

1200 CCA @50ms

900 CCA @ 1 sec.

800 CCA for 8 sec.

350 CCA for 30 sec.

210 continuous discharge amps 

230 Continuous charging amps

IP67 Water Proof

RC: 300 minutes 

Weight: 24.9 Lbs. 

Dimensions: 12.9"*6.8"*8.4"

Group Size: 31

5 year warranty free replacement

Working Voltage Range: 10-14.8V

Operating Temperature (F): -4-149℉

Watt Hours: 1,260

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