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Newmar Power Pac 14ah Power Supply

Newmar Power Pac 14ah Power Supply

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Designed for critical applications such as VHF shore stations that must remain on the air, even during a power outage. The 12 volt supply features built-in back-up batteries which are charged during normal operation and then continue to power radios even when AC power is lost.

  • Highly regulated, low ripple output for noise-free radio operation
  • Battery automatically comes on-line if AC fails
  • Low battery alarm and disconnect, with override switch for emergency power

General Specifications

  • Input 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Output:13.6 VDC @ 5A cont., 10A Int.
  • Regulation: 1% line and load
  • Ripple: 1% P-P
  • Operating Temp: 0-40° C

Power-Pac 7 A/H (w/7 amp/hour battery), 18 lbs.
Power-Pac 14 A/H (w/14 amp/hour battery), 24 lbs.
Dimensions (both models): 5.3? H x 9.0? W x 10.5? D

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