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Lumitec Pico Ohm Expansion Module

Lumitec Pico Ohm Expansion Module

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Lumitec PICO OHM Expansion Module

Model: 101829

Pico Expansion Modules extend the power and reach of the Poco Digital Lighting Control system, making it possible to control other manufacturers’ luminaires, lighting accessories, and devices that do not have the sophisticated PLI technology built-in.

The Pico OHM module provides efficient Poco-only control of third-party RGB lighting accessories (no TTP). The Pico OHM module is designed to attach to the back of the RGB accessory, such as speakers and cup holders, and convert them to an easy two-wire system enabling Poco digital control. This greatly simplifies the installation process and reduces wire runs, saving on time and cost. Each module has a max amp load of 400mA. Pico OHM is sold in packs of four (4) modules..

Dimensions 1.35 in x 0.3 in x 1.5 in
Max Amp/ch 400mA
Op. Temp F/C -31/35 to + 131/55
PLI Enabled Yes
UL Certified No
Voltage 10-16vDC
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