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Lumitec Corsica Spreader Spectrum Flood Led

Lumitec Corsica Spreader Spectrum Flood Led

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Lumitec Corsica Inset LED Flood Light

Model: 101611

Sleek, clean and powerful, the Corsica Flood Light is our newest addition to the mold-in Contour series. Corsica’s design allows it to be sculpted into hardtops, wheelhouses or arches for a cohesive and integrated look. Corsica delivers more than 1,200 darkness piercing lumens and is our first light to feature the all-new Spectrum Halo™. Spectrum Halo™ casts an even, dimmable, colored glow while enhancing a vessel’s nighttime aesthetics. TTP and PLI enabled, Corsica can be controlled with any normal on/off switch and is also compatible with our Poco Digital Lighting Control system.

Lumens (White) 1200
Voltage 10-30vDC
12v DC Amps 1A
24v DC Amps 0.5A
Rated Watts 12W
CCT 5000
CRI 70+
Op. Temp F/C -31/35 to + 131/55
Timed Toggled Protocol (TTP) Yes
Third Party Dimmer Compatibility (3PD) No
Color Match Commitment (CM) Yes
Mounting Hole Diameter N/A
Dimensions HxWxD 2.8in x 5.76in x 4.1in
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