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Lewmar V700g Vertical Windlass With Rocker Switch And Control 12v

Lewmar V700g Vertical Windlass With Rocker Switch And Control 12v

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Lewmar V700 Verticle Anchor Windlass

12v, 6/7mm gypsy

Model: 6670011108-312
UPC: 743683302930
  • The V700 now comes with a gypsy able to accept both 6mm and 7mm (1/4) inch chains.
  • Fits calibrated chains: 6mm DIN766, 1/4"" G4 or BBB, 7mm DIN766
  • 100% 316 stainless steel deck unit
  • IP Rated Housing
  • Fall Safe anchor lock
  • Fast line speed
  • Manual recovery option
  • Impact-resistant motor cover
  • For boats up to 10.5m (35 ft)

With 100% 316 stainless steel housing and a sleek flush-mount design that hides the motor down below, the V700 is one of the most attractive and durable windlasses on the market. It works at the push of a button and has two built-in features that make it unique motor protection and anchor lock. Plus its affordable.

Motor Power draw 320 watts
Max pull 700lbs
Workign Load limit 175lb
Max line speed 82 ft/min
Typical line speed 50 ft/min
Input Voltage 12v
Dimensions 7.34"" L x 5"" W x 11 1/16"" H

What's in the Box:
  • V700 Windlass
  • Breaker/Isolator
  • Control Switch
  • Intelligent Mounting Studs, Washers and Nuts
  • All-in-one Installation Wrench & Clutch Lever
  • Base Gasket Seal
  • Safety Instructions
  • Mounting Template
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Warranty Registration Card
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