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K & K Kustomz

K and K Kustomz PowerHouse 12v/36v/36v Ultimate Bundle

K and K Kustomz PowerHouse 12v/36v/36v Ultimate Bundle

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Bundle and Save.......

The 12v/36v/36v PowerHouse Ultimate Bundle is perfect for the hardcore fisherman, Pro or weekend tournament angler who likes to push his 36 volt trolling motor to the limit every time out.  This is the setup many of our Pros run minus the dedicated 16 volt electronics battery.   The 105ah cranker will support many electronics combinations up to 4 graphs, while running livewell pumps , all boat accessories, as well as crank a 250 plus hp thru a full tournament day. The built in emergency start button means no need to worry about ever not being able to crank  or losing that built in onboard jump feature from your traditional (3) 12 volt trolling setup . Combine this with one of the best lithium chargers on the market the Powerhouse 12 volt/36volt 2 bank waterproof onboard charger you have a winning combination!  This package provides hardcore anglers with 80ah of 36 volt power and the redundency of twin 36 volt lithiums in parallel. 

Total package weight including charger and trays is a VERY light 110lbs overall.


(2) 36 volt 40Ah PowerHouse Lithiums

(1) 12 volt 105Ah PowerHouse Cranking Lithium w/emergency start switch

(1) Powerhouse 12v/36v combo waterproof 2 bank onboard charger

(3) Group 31 Powerhouse aluminum battery trays.

(1) 6 AWG battery cable set 

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