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K & K Kustomz

K and K Kustomz PowerHouse 12v/16v/36v/36v Ultimate Electronics Bundle

K and K Kustomz PowerHouse 12v/16v/36v/36v Ultimate Electronics Bundle

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Bundle and Save.......

The 12v/16v/36v/36v volt PowerHouse Ultimate Electronics Bundle is perfect bundle for any new boat or full boat replacement in any serious tournament rigged boat.  This package would satisfy even the finest  Pro or weekend tournament angler.

 The 16 volt 80ah dedicated electronics battery is great for up to that (4) 12" graph setup along with livescope and 360 giving you 16 volts of clean power to all your electronics  for a full tournament day.   The 105ah cranker will give you tons of power to run livewell pumps , all boat accessories, shallow water anchors, as well as crank a 250 plus hp thru a tournament day with tons of power to spare.  The built in emergency start button means no need to worry about ever not being able to crank  or losing that built in onboard jump feature from your traditional (3) 12 volt trolling setup  On the trolling side twin 36 volt 40 ah in parallel ( 80 ah) keep you running even in the most demanding conditions.  Combine this with one of the best lithium chargers on the market the Powerhouse 12 volt/16 volt/36volt 3 bank waterproof onboard charger you have a tournament winning combination with just 1 plug to plug in at the end of the day!   

Total 4 battery package weight including charger and trays is a mere 138 lbs overall. This sheds you @232 lbs out of your boat compared to a similar 5 agm similar setup.  That's like running solo as compared to a partner.


(2) 36 volt 40Ah PowerHouse Lithiums

(1) 12 volt 105Ah PowerHouse Cranking Lithium w/emergency start switch

(1) 16 volt 80 ah Powerhouse dedicated electronics lithium

(1) Powerhouse 12v/16v/ 36v combo waterproof 3 bank onboard charger

(4) Group 31 Powerhouse aluminum battery trays.

(1) 6ga battery cable set

This is the battery setup the owner Kevin runs in his personal tournament boat.

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