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Garmin Reactor 40 Mechanical Retrofit Corepack With Ghc50

Garmin Reactor 40 Mechanical Retrofit Corepack With Ghc50

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Garmin Reactor™ 40 Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid Corepack With GHC™ 50 Autopilot Instrument

Model: 010-02794-02
  • The Reactor 40 mechanical/retrofit/solenoid corepack works with a wide variety of steering systems.
  • Yes, it features a solid-state 9-axis AHRS. And yes, that means you can mount it nearly anywhere.
  • Even when you’re pitching or rolling, this autopilot reacts to sea conditions to keep you on course.
  • You just want to get on the water, so we made calibration fast and easy. That’s the power of simple.
  • Combine with your compatible Garmin chartplotter, and control your autopilot — from anywhere on your boat.
  • The GHC™ 50 autopilot instrument enhances your autopilot experience.

This corepack works with direct or cable-actuated steering systems to support heading hold, wind hold, step turns and tack/jibe modes.

With its advanced solid-state 9-axis AHRS, you can mount Reactor 40 nearly anywhere, in any orientation. It even reduces power consumption, minimizes heading error and more.

Hold your course on the sea — this autopilot reacts to conditions, so you can remain confident even when you’re pitching or rolling.

All autopilots require commissioning and calibration. Reactor 40 makes it quick and easy.

Gain more freedom when maneuvering your boat. On hydraulic installations, this corepack allows for optional Shadow Drive technology to automatically disengage the autopilot when you turn the wheel.

Choose between class A, class B compact or class B drive units for your steering system (sold separately). All Garmin linear drives include built-in rudder feedback sensing.

Control your autopilot from anywhere on your boat by using your compatible Garmin devices, including the Reactor autopilot remote, select quatix® marine smartwatches and more (requires a compatible Garmin chartplotter or GHC 50 autopilot instrument).

Combine the Reactor 40 corepack with the GHC 50 autopilot instrument to add a dedicated, touchscreen autopilot display to your helm. Plus, GHC 50 allows you to share data and settings with Garmin MFDs and other installed Garmin devices.

For even more peace of mind, add the GRF 10 rudder feedback sensor to further enhance your autopilot’s performance (requires GHC 50 autopilot instrument or compatible Garmin chartplotter).

When connected to your compatible Garmin chartplotter, all Reactor 40 corepacks offer powerboat and sailing features, including heading hold and step turns — plus wind hold and tack/jibe when paired with a wind sensor (sold separately). You can even gain additional benefits such as the follow route and Auto Guidance+™ features1.

1 Auto Guidance is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations

CCU dimensions: 4.3"" x 4.4"" x 1.9"" (10.9 x 11.2 x 4.8 cm)CCU dimensions 4.3"" x 4.4"" x 1.9"" (10.9 x 11.2 x 4.8 cm)
ECU dimensions 6.6"" x 4.6"" x 2.1"" (16.8 x 11.7 x 5.3 cm)
Supply voltage 10 V to 30 V
Operating temperature -15° C to 60 C° (5° F to 140° F)
Maximum sustained motor current 15A
Maximum instantaneous motor current 40A
Maximum clutch current 2.5A (for drives requiring higher current than 2.5A, a relay needs to be added to the clutch circuit)
Buzzer/Alarm Specifications
Dimensions (L Diameter) 29/32"" 1"" (23 mm 25 mm)
Weight 2.4 oz (68 g)
Temperature range from 5°F to 131°F (from -15°C to 55°C)
Cable length 10 ft (3.0 m)

What's in the Box:
  • Reactor 40 CCU (Course Computer Unit)
  • GHC™ 50 helm control display
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • ECU power cable
  • Interconnect cable
  • Buzzer
  • NMEA 2000® drop cables (2 meters)
  • NMEA 2000 T-connectors
  • Male and female terminators
  • Documentation
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