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Dual Pro Ps4auto Battery Charger, Auto Profille 4 Bank 60 Amps

Dual Pro Ps4auto Battery Charger, Auto Profille 4 Bank 60 Amps

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Dual Pro PS4AUTO 60Amp 4 Bank Battery Charger

Model: PS4AUTO
  • Fully automatic. Completely and safely charges both Lithium and AGM batteries
  • Algorithms designed and validated with battery manufacturers for a 100% charge
  • Start up feature will wake up batteries that have turned off due to low voltage protection
  • Auto return to charge feature
  • Quickest charge times in its class
  • Unbeatable performance, reliability, safety and quality delivered by DUAL PRO®
  • On-board diagnostic codes
  • Approved and meets ISO 8846 Marine standards
  • Ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410)

Professional Series chargers have set the standard in the marine industry for more than two decades, known as the safest, most reliable, and best performing chargers in the industry.

AutoProfile Intuitive Charging Technology provides flexibility for our charging system, ready for the ever-changing lithium battery technologies. No matter if you choose Lithium or AGM batteries for your boat, Dual Pro is ready to keep your boat on the water longer, enhancing battery performance and extending battery life.

Banks 4
Total Output 60 Amps
Battery systems 12vDC, 24vDC, 36vDC, 48vDC
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