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Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea P12 Battery Charger 12v Output 120/230v Input 25amp 3 Bank

Blue Sea P12 Battery Charger 12v Output 120/230v Input 25amp 3 Bank

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Blue Sea Systems P12 25A 12vDC Battery Charger

Model: 7531-BSS
  • Rugged, finned aluminum case
  • Rugged, finned aluminum case
  • Power factor corrected for efficient use of AC
  • Intuitive diagnostic screens
  • User defined charge profiles and customizable settings
  • Provides charging for up to three battery banks
  • Large, bright display
  • Multi-language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Charge Coordination with Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) controls ACR state ensuring proper float stage for each battery
  • Battery Temperature Compensation - adjusts charge voltage based on battery temperature
  • AC over and under voltage shut down and automatic restart
  • Over and under battery temperature protection - charger will not operate if battery temperature rises above or falls below a set value
  • DC over voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • Surge and short circuit protection
Total Output Current 25A
Input AC Current 4.5A @ 100V A
Maximum Output Voltage 16V DC
Nominal Voltage 12V DC
Ignition Protected Yes
Number of Outputs 1 negative
3 positive
Stud Size M6
Universal AC Input Voltage 115-230V AC
AC Input Frequency 45-65Hz
Output Voltage Accuracy 0.05V
Typical Float Voltage 13.5V DC
Maximum Operating Temperature 70° C
Minimum Storage Temperature -30° C
Maximum Storage Temperature 80° C
Battery Types AGM
Flooded Lead Acid
Recommended for Battery Bank Sizes 330Ah Maximum
60Ah Minimum
Screw Terminal Torque 10 in-lb (1.13 Nm) M3
15 in-lb (1.69 Nm) M4
Stud Torque 80 in-lb (9.04 Nm)
Dimension H x W x D 13.03in x 8.46in x 3.66in
Warranty 5 Year

What's in the Box:
  • P12 25A Charger
  • Mounting hardware
  • Ac Strain Releif
  • DC Strain relief
  • Temperaur Sensor
  • Dielectric Grease
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