• 360 Shootin House


    The Shootin House blind is the perfect blind for the gun, crossbow, or archery hunter. The archery windows in each of the 4 corners make it ideal for the archery hunter, while the large, horizontal windows give crossbow and gun hunters the range of movement they need. This blind comes standard with carpet on the floor and walls and has the most room of any of the 360 Hunting Blinds. Like all the blinds in the 360 family, this blind features a solid wood frame with a long lasting, composite exterior finish. Built in 4x4 pockets on the bottom of the blind make it ready for your tower stand; no other expensive mounting brackets needed. The windows all open smoothly and quietly thanks to our proven sand bag weighted window system; the QUIETEST on the market! The roof has a commercial, spray on rubber type roofing and is built to withstand the harshest of winter conditions. All blinds are vented and come fully assembled or in kit form which makes onsite setup much easier.

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