Freshwater Fishing 101

All over the country you can find amazing freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, and rivers with many different fish to catch. With such versatility in options, it’s important to have that same amount of versatility in your equipment. Certain poles and baits will work better in different areas. It’s important to take the time and research exactly what you’ll need for the location you’ll be and the catch you want. So if you’re just starting out, here are some freshwater fishing tips to help you being!


  1. Do your research on the location

    • When deciding where you’d like to fish, go online to some local fishing forums and see what people in the area have recommended. Be sure to take note of any local regulations that might be in effect. You can also use a fish finder when you’re out on the water. A fish finder uses sonar technology to help find fish around you and their depth.

  2. Check the weather

    • Weather can greatly affect how likely you are to find fish. For instance, fluctuating barometric pressures can cause fish to dive deeper. Sunlight and heat also have an effect on the fish. They prefer evening or early morning over the hot midday sun. A great time to fish is when it’s raining or cloudy outside. Fish tend to be more active during those times since there isn’t direct sunlight on the water.

  3. Select your bait with your catch in mind

    • There are many different bait options to choose from when going freshwater fishing. You could go with live or artificial bait. Some of the best live freshwater baits are worms, leeches, minnows, crayfish, crickets, and grasshoppers. When you choose your location and note which fish are there to catch, do some research on what bait would work best.

  4. Check your equipment

    • Make sure you have everything you need for a successful trip. On your boat, you’ll need life jackets, provisions, first-aid kit, an anchor, a battery or charger. Power Pole has lots of different anchors to choose from based on your needs. You can find the best one for you on our website as well as several different Impulse Lithium batteries. Have any questions? Just give us a call!

  5. Wash your hands

    • Fish have a keen sense of smell, so before you head out on your trip, don’t forget to wash your hands for a greater chance of success.


After these 5 steps, you’re ready to head out on your fishing trip! There are lots of other accessories and things to bring that can enhance your experience, and we’d be happy to answer any questions about what those might be. In the meantime, happy fishing!

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