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Dual Bank 12/36 Volt Waterproof Chargers

Dual Bank 12/36 Volt Waterproof Chargers

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This is our custom made dual bank lithium marine waterproof charger. It has Bank 1 for 12v batteries charging at 10 amps. Charges lead acid, agm or lithium 12v batteries. Bank 2 is 36v 10A for 36v lithium batteries! Even when running 2 of our 36v batteries in parallel this one charger will charge both at the same time! This charger is 100% waterproof and can be mounted onboard your boat as you normally would with marine battery chargers!

 This charger has a built in wake up feature to reset BMS to start the charging process if you fully discharge your lithium battery. The activation button starts the  charge cycle into the battery waking up the BMS and allowing charge to start entering the battery.

This charger works with the Run & Gun 12v and 16v models, and all units are waterproof and vibration tested. 

2 Year Warranty

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